JRESR Series

Stainless Steel Washdown Reducer



The stainless steel gearmotors from Acrossland keep things moving wherever machines and systems are subject to particularly intensive cleaning. Regardless of whether the gearmotors are used for materials handling, intralogistics or hygienic applications, their hygienic properties, long operating life and maintenance friendliness make them optimally suited to the specific production conditions in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, and in permanently wet environments. This product meets (( DOC.8 Hygienic equipment design criteria)) — EU Hygienic standard for food machinery.


Model 37 ~ 67
Ratio 3.41 ~ 199.81
Input power 0.18 ~ 7.5 kW
Output torque 112 ~ 600 N.m



1 Enterprise Code J 2 Product Code RESR – Stainless steel helical gear reducer for food
3 Assembly type No code – Foot mounting

F – Flange mounting

4 Size 67
5 Flange size No code – without flange, or just one flange, or more than one smallest flange

II – Lagest flange in two flanges, or the middle flange in three flanges

III – Biggest flange in three flanges

6 Specification code SS99 – Stainless steel motor size number 90
7 Number of poles 4 8 Power 1.5 kW
9 Gear ratio 61.26 – Reducer transmission ratio 10 Junction box position No code – 0° position in installation

180 – 180° position in the installation pattern diagram