One Click Rebar Coupler

Hyundai Rebar Couplers

Key Features

  • Technology and Safety
    It never loosens after connecting a rebar and coupler due to hardness intensification by special heating treatment. Although extreme pulling-out is given, the rebar coupler will not be broken but the rebar itself will be broken as shown in video clip below;
  • Buildability
    With one click mechanism, it can be connected within 10 sec by one person without special tool;
  • Rebar Consumption
    Once connected, engineer can check how much a rebar put into the rebar coupler with the naked eye unlike competitors’ model. It’s designed to prevent a rebar being thrown away unnecessarily;
  • Saving cost
    Minimizing unnecessary thrown-away rebars and reduce time and number of labor on connecting procedure;
  • Easy assembly
    Couplers: 6 parts pre-assembled prior to deliver
    Rebar to coupler: One click assembly as shown in video clip below;

Imperial Rebar Size Model Number Length (mm) Outer diameter (⌀) Weight (Kg)
#5 HD16 100 37 0.378
#6 HD19 114 42 0.523
#7 HD22 130 48 0.840
#8 HD26 146 54 1.100
#9 HD29 160 61 1.295
#10 HD32 173 68 2.031
#11 HD35 186 72 2.450
Test Item Models Results Testing Method
Undirectional Tensile Strength Test HD16 (SD600) 794 N/mm² KS D0249:2016
equivalent to
ISO 15835-1:2009
HD19 (SD600) 782 N/mm²
HD22 (SD600) 775 N/mm²
HD25 (SD600) 771 N/mm²
HD29 (SD600) 750 N/mm²
HD32 (SD600) 784 N/mm²
HD35 (SD600) 727 N/mm²
Product type Estimated processing time Daily workload Work process analysis
Process order Tool required Required workforce
Quick Couplers Approx. 5 minutes Approx. 96 pcs Operation after decomposition Pipe Wrench 1 x Steelworker & 1 x Assistance
One Touch Couplers Approx. 7 minutes Approx. 68 pcs Operation after decomposition Pipe Wrench 1 x Steelworker & 1 x Assistance
Wedge Couplers Approx. 3 minutes Approx. 160 pcs Hammer to secure after insertion Hammer 1 x Steelworker & 1 x Assistance
One Click Couplers Approx. 10 seconds. Approx. 2880 pcs One click insertion None 1 Steelworker