70mm Water & UV Ray Resistant

Multicolor LED Horn

Ordering Information

1. Feature B – Tubular horn type
K – Short body type
2. Voltage 74 – 12~24V AC/DC
72 – 40~260V AC/DC

Key features

  • Light mode – steady, flashing, strobing, rotary
  • 4 different color with RGB LED technology
  • Selectable Sound – 6 melodies
  • Water, Dust, Heat & UV rays resistant
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Up to 130dB with Tubular horn, 120dB with short body
  • IP65 / IK08
Voltage 12/24V AC/DC 40~260V AC/DC
Current Tubular Horn 156mA ±10%(12V), 107mA ±10%(24V) 10mA ±10%
Short Body 233mA ±10%(12V), 183mA ±10%(24V)
Lens colors Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
Input response time on/off: 10ms max.
Alarm Tubular Horn 106~130dB at 1m (3.3ft) @ 2.7KHz ±500Hz
Short Body 93~120dB at 1m (3.3ft) @ 2.7KHz ±500Hz
Connection 1m lead wire
Operation conditions -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F) 95% at +50°C maximum relative humidity (non-condensing)
Expected life Min. 50,000 hrs
Body material ABS (Body) + Polycarbonate (Lens)
IP/IK rating IP65 / IK08
Protection Water, Dust, Heat and UV Ray Resistant
Certification CE, RoHS2, EAC

Sound #1

Sound #2

Sound #3

Sound #4

Sound #5

Sound #6