Key features

  • Ideal for Pick-to-Light (Light guided picking)
  • Ideal for Assembly to order (Light guided sequence assembly)
  • Ideal Error proofing/poka – yoke
  • Mirror operating mode, easy to implement and maintain
  • Supports vertical and horizontal mounting

Pick-to-light Order-picking system


Ordering Information



1. Optical Axis Qty 2: 2 Axes
4: 4 Axes
8: 8 Axes
2. Control Method IO – IO type
IB – Bus type
3. Digit Display
(*IB type only)
P0 – No number display
P1R1 – 1 digit (Vertical installation)
P2R2 – 2 digits (2 optical axis)
P3R3 – 3 digits (4, 8 optical axis)
4. Connection LN – Lead wire
QD – Quick disconnect
Power supply 12 ~ 30V DC
Maximum Current < 100mA @ 24V DC, * IO type does not contain output current
Sensing Distance 20~1000mm (Reflective adhesive tape)
IO Output Current Max. load: 150mA
Output state saturation voltage: 2V (DC 10mA); 2.5V (DC 150mA)
Non-output state leakage current: <10 μA(30V DC)
Io Type Effective Input > 7.2V, Input resistance 10K
IB Communication Bus 38.4K Baud rate, 200m max. transmission distance
Indicator Colors IO type: Enable Output: Green, Induction + Enable: Yellow, Unabled Induction: Red
IB type: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, or Custom Control
Electrical Protection Reverse connection protection. Over current/Over Voltage protection
Input response time on/off: 25ms max.
Connection 1m lead wire or 0.3m PVC cable with 4-pin or 8-pin M12 male quick disconnect (requiring mating cordset)
Operation conditions 0°C to +50°C (32°F to +122°F) 95% at +50°C maximum relative humidity (non-condensing)
Material Housing: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Light: Polycarbonate
IP rating IEC IP65
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS